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The Mint Experience!: UI, worldbuilder, or how I learned to love the non-technological sensorial gestures that created booms of delciousness!


Robert Karimi


SUN, JAN 7 | 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (MST)
Screening Theatre 201 (MIX 201)

Presented in a double-header performance with Please Open Your Mouth By Joanna Garner

A sensorial performance gesture in the form of a performance/lecture, about how a piece of mint can spark folks to share stories, and connect with one another, as part of my eternal journey to create spaces for people to find playfulness and kinship.

Originally a gesture to get audiences unified in purpose as part of their participatory satirical cooking show Cooking Con Karimi & Comrades, the mint experience is about how a sensorial gesture can be a way to spark people into unlocking their own imaginations. How do we set up the conditions to spark playfull relationships (or not), and what other objects can we use their affordances to create ethereal spiritual connections between humans. How can the mint be the symbol that carries us into how we design user experience, and how we even create moments of genuine feeling, be it sadness, joy, or celebration?

Experience may evoke memories