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Noah Nelson


THURS, JAN 4 | 6 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)
Community Room

Noah Nelson, host of the No Proscenium Podcast and co-founder of The Immersive Experience Institute (The Next Stage Summit) steps outside his usual role for a night of gaming and carousing. Noah will be filling his car with GAMES — board, VR, card, and those massless wonders known as folk games. He’s also encouraging you to pack your favorite game and bring it. (Heck, bring your headsets. Let’s get wild.)

From a big game of werewolf to classic board games. Out of print oddities to real money games of sabacc… wait, I’m being told we can’t use real money. Okay we will use SPACE MONEY.

There will be games that make you think and games that are beyond brainless. And if you’re extra good maybe Noah will try gamemastering a TTRPG for a few people but don’t hold him to that. (Just be glad he didn’t pitch Jake & Scarlet on running a Vampire LARP like he used to in the 90’s. Wait. You want to? Okay just bring your Goth finery. We’ll wing it!)

OKAY REAL TALK: We highly encourage folks to bring a small game they love with them. The sharing of games is a core part of community building, and there’s nothing more in the spirit of a conference about play than finding ways to play together.