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Building New Gameplay with GenAI


Michael Yichao


SAT, JAN 6 | 11:15 AM - 12 PM
Large Flex 2 (MIX 334)

Join Jam & Tea Studio's CCO Michael Yichao as he shares an early peek into how they're leveraging GenAI to create novel experiences within their flagship game.

Jam & Tea Studios is developing a new video game utilizing GenAI within its core gameplay engine. Rather than just accelerating production or as a productivity tool, the studio is most excited about GenAI's possibilities in creating novel interactive experiences that weren't possible before. Join CCO Michael Yichao as he shares J&T's creative approach, and also as he shares a peek into their early R&D explorations via playing through a short demo with the audience.


Jacob Mott - Principal Designer
Temarius Walker - Art Lead
Max Shawabkeh - Gameplay Engineer
Yudi Xue - ML Engineer
Samantha Bong - COO
J Aaron Farr - CTO
T Carl Kwoh - CEO