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Best Practices for Playtesting Workshop


Juliana Moreno


SAT, JAN 6 | 10:30 AM - 12 PM (MST)
Large Flex 1

Playtesting is a crucial step in all interactive design where audience members run through the experience (in some form) and creators gather feedback on people's experiences (both spoken and observed), then improve the experience based on that feedback. While this is common practice in game design, it is truly a vital ingredient in all experience design, whether or not there are games.

In this workshop we will explore how to create meaningful playtests at different points in the project in order to save everyone time and money. We will outline best practices for running playtests, getting the most honest and meaningful feedback, and organizing and interpreting that feedback. We'll look at the best ways to iterate and continue testing through various project stages, and finally experiment with running a playtest and discuss together how to gather and interpret the feedback.

    From the Artist

    Juliana Moreno

    Creator of Fun at The Wild Optimists

    I truly believe that playtesting is where experiences are made. Beautiful ideas that live in your head or on your laptop are merely the spark. But to truly create something that works for people who live outside your own brain, you have to get it up on its feet and run it through test after test after test. That is where the magic happens.


    Ariel Rubin: workshop co-creator