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Innovators Roundup: The Future of Commerce


Erin Reilly and Azalea Laredo

(she/her, she/her)

SAT, JAN 6 | 4:30 PM - 6 PM (MST)
Community Room

The Innovators Roundup is a thematic experience where a group of people (aka Innovators) come together to reimagine, collaborate and ideate together for our rapidly approaching future.

The future of commerce is expected to embrace technological advancements, leading to a more personalized, convenient, and sustainable consumer experience. Trends may include personalized marketing, omnichannel shopping, voice commerce, use of cryptocurrencies, augmented and virtual reality, AI automation and chatbots, sustainability strategies, social commerce, and direct-to-consumer sales. New businesses and roles are emerging, and old business models are being reshaped by the convergence of digital and physical.To immerse our guests in this experience we designed an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). The goal of our game was to bring people together to learn, explore, and ideate new ways of commerce that are novel and ethical.

The 3 key questions were:

  • How will the evolving concept of “value” affect commerce in the future?
  • How will different forms of currency affect the ways we engage in commerce?
  • How will emerging technologies drive the evolution of commerce?


The following students allowed us to make this experience happen:
Christopher Davila
Phoebe Lin
Lee Kravchenko
Kelly Zhang
Yuhua Gui
Carlos Andrade
Keyur Kadle