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Field Trip to the Nemesis Club: Escape Game Experience and Behind the Scenes Chat


Dustin Smith


FRI, JAN 5 | 8 PM - 10 PM
Nemesis Club

Sign up for a field trip to the Nemesis Club at the check-in desk! Bus transportation will be provided.

Embark on an adventure during a field trip to the Nemesis Club. Experience two award-winning escape games, featuring meticulously detailed sets, captivating soundtracks, story-driven puzzles, and innovative technology that immerse you in the narrative. Delve into the retro-futuristic world of EVIL Robots, where you must outsmart a menacing robot before he finishes powering up. And step into a Monster Rangers campsite in northern Arizona, where you'll race against time to get evidence of the existence of the legendary Mogollon Monster. Then meet with escape creator Dustin Smith for an exclusive behind-the-scenes discussion about these captivating worlds.