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Designing for Agency


Caro Murphy


WED, JAN 3 | 2 PM - 5 PM (MST)
Community Room

Want to design an interactive production that allows the audience to experience meaningful agency? Come to this workshop to create and learn. We will learn the building blocks of creating worlds, tools and systems that participants can dive into and make meaningful choices.

Larp: The Resort


Caro Murphy


THURS, JAN 4 | 3 PM - 4:30pm (MST)
SUN, JAN 7 | 6 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)
Sound Stage 2

Everyone in Central Florida knows; the best place to be during a hurricane is a Theme Park Luxury Resort Hotel. The Resort is a game about power, disaster, and theme park resort culture during a Category 4 hurricane. You play as hotel guests and Theme Park workers doing their best to make light of a dark situation. The tone starts out as dark comedy-drama, inspired by media like White Lotus, but it turns to something more like Cloverfield partway through.The game seeks to highlight issues of inequality, climate crisis, and collective response. It asks questions about agency and meaning-making in the face of a massive existential threat.

From the Artist

Caro Murphy

Northeastern University, Playable Theatre

I believe that creating the playful spaces in which people can dissolve their ideas of self allow them to grow and transform in powerful ways. Embodied experiences are the fastest and most effective way I have ever found to kindle this beautiful flame of meaning-making and self-discovery. Offering people agency is a key part of this process.

This game is not a very nice game for very nice people. It's a little twisted, a little dark, and a little irreverent. It's deeply anticapitalist (like all my work is, really,), feminist, and leaves up to the participants whether they make it postmodern or transmodern. It doesn't take a kind view of the rich and powerful. It doesn't have pre-scripted outcomes, just characters, relationships, and a ticking clock. I'm curious to see how people will engage with it, because I could see it going in many different directions.


This game's content is not easy, but it can be a lot of fun to explore. We will do a brief workshop to calibrate consent and establish communication procedures for boundaries and hard limits.

Content includes: Potential life and death situations, amoral people, dysfunctional relationships, environmental disaster, death of loved ones and oneself, darkness, possible violence, possible invocation of religious or spiritual ideas, and whatever else may come up in a survival horror scenario.