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How It Ends


Caridad Svich


THURS, JAN 4 | 6 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)
SAT, JAN 6 | 6 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)
Sound Stage 2 / Backlot (MIX 117)

Watch the livestream for Saturday’s performance below!

In order for a play to begin, a script must be activated. But what is the script in a climate in crisis? In this piece for performance, you will be asked to step into the roles of people that are part of the world's story as they try to survive.

Watch the Saturday performance livestream:

From the Artist

Caridad Svich

Text-builder / Theatre-maker

In the performance piece HOW IT ENDS, a play cannot begin until the actors arrive. But the actors aren't here. So, today, you will be the actors. You will step into a series of stories that paint a map of a world in crisis seeking modes of repair. There is a technician that will help you. They may be an actor, too. But their part hasn't been cast. They are used to being backstage, fixing the world out of sight. Today too they will be on stage. In this play we make together, there is a script. It is a technology that will reveal itself to you. It is a very old technology but people still use it. Its material presence holds the stories of others that have played in its ghostly pages. HOW IT ENDS is a play that asks its audience to imagine a world anew while the planet is burning.

In my work as a play-maker/text-builder and poet, my central concerns are to examine the conversation between text and audience through the lens of the climate crisis. I am interested in activating the body politic of spectators during the course of a shared experience (whether it be digital, in person and/or hybrid), and to create environments of theatrical play that are centered on care. HOW IT ENDS is part of a series of pieces of mine that focus on the history of stage spaces as conduits for political and spiritual change.


In collaboration with Andrew Hungerford, Freelance Theatre Designer and Artistic Director of Know Theatre of Cincinnati.

The piece broaches some topics around issues of migration and displacement.