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Immersive Opera: The Next Adventure In Musical Storytelling


Anne Hiatt and Kamala Sankaram

(she/her, she/her)

SAT, JAN 6 | 2:15 PM - 3 PM (MST)
Large Flex 1

Kamala and Anne along with many collaborators have been working together since 2016 to unlock the potential of immersive opera. Take a sneak peek behind the curtain as they showcase past and present projects.

Via Opera on Tap’s (OOT’s) new works and educational programs, opera artists have been working together to re-define and expand an art form that has been grounded in a specific and exclusionary past for far too long. As a lead creator on several immersive projects produced by OOT, composer Kamala Sankaram has blazed a trail when it comes to expanding music and sound storytelling for new presentational opera mediums. As part of this session, attendees will experience the Singing Tablets from the opera LOOKING AT YOU- a techno-noir opera focused on surveillance capitalism… be prepared to become a part of the opera! Additionally, we’ll take a look at a couple other projects in development that are pushing the boundaries on both opera and immersive tech, emerging and otherwise.


Kamala Sankaram, Composer, Co-Creator

Rob Handel- Librettist/ LOOKING AT YOU
Kristin Marting- Director/ LOOKING AT YOU, JOAN OF THE CITY
San Diego Opera- Development Partner, JOAN OF THE CITY
Opera Omaha- Development Partner, JOAN OF THE CITY
LOOKING AT YOU is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Augustine Foundation
JOAN OF THE CITY is supported by Opera America, NY State Council on the Arts, and the Augustine Foundation